"SIYAH (a backronym for Strugglin' Improves Your Ambitious Hustle) is a lyricist and Hip-Hop artist whose aim is to promote positivity in his message, honesty in his storytelling and originality in his composition. Originally from Oakland, SIYAH spent summers in Los Angeles until his permanent move to the Carolinas. He currently dwells along the eastern seaboard in Asheville, North Carolina where he’s taken to the craft of songwriting and performing at a local level.
The goal of his music is to preserve the artistry of Hip-Hop by returning to lyrical traditions in the rap genre. As he pursues a career in music, he wants to be more than a persona, seeking to be true to himself, as a man of faith, family and community.
Self development, above everything, is paramount to his work. " - Yahsmin M. B. BoBo